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Welcome to "Traces". I'll be posting information about my writing here as well as the history surrounding the stories that I write.

People ask me: "How did you ever come up with the idea for 'The Shimmering'?"

I have lived in middle Tennessee for the past 28 years. During that time, my wife and I homeschooled our two daughters, Casey and Savannah. A huge part of that schooling was spent visiting various historic sites near us. Columbia, Tennessee is teaming with history. It is the home of President James K. Polk. His historic home is right downtown. There are many Civil War battlefields in the area, as well as Antebellum homes. Franklin, which is just up the road, has several historic homes and plantations that you can visit. Murfreesboro is the home of Stones River Battlefield. Let's not forget the Hermitage in Nashville, which is the home of President Andrew Jackson. If you love history as I do, then you will love middle Tennessee. However, my favorite place to visit in this area has to be the Natchez Trace Parkway. We used to take our girls there several times a year. Sometimes it was for school. Sometimes it was just to find a stream or river to play in.

As I read the plaques displayed at the various stops along the Trace, I began to wonder about the people I read about. What would it have been like to live in that area during that period in history. I imagined myself going back in time, 200 years, and living among them. The hardships they endured. The joy of living off the land. Not being caught up in the Rat Race of today's society. Living a simpler life and living it to the fullest.

In my next blog, I'll share with you information about the Gordon House and what part it played in my book,

. If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to do so. These blogs will have more meaning for you if you have read "The Shimmering". If you've already read it, you might want to read it again. There may be something you don't recall that I will write about in these post.

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