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Michael L. Clark is a new and upcoming author. Although his writing credits are few, his life experience more than makes up for it. He has worked as a farmhand, elephant handler, zookeeper, restaurant manager and owner, musician, and cake artist.

He gained inspiration for The Shimmering from his vast trips down the Natchez Trace with his family, while using the Trace as a teaching tool for his two daughters, whom he and his wife home-schooled. The stops along the Trace told stories about the people who lived along the trail but gave limited information. Clark began to wonder about how the people really lived and how it would feel to go back in time to live amongst them.

He has worked for the United States Postal Service as a rural carrier for over twenty years. His time there has provided him with inspiration and motivation to finally put his dreams to paper.

My Inspiration for this book

The Gordon House, on the Natchez Trace Parkway near Hohenwald, Tennessee, is the setting for a good portion of events occuring in "The Shimmering". The house was built in 1817-18 by Captain John Gordon and his wife, "Dolly". The house was the first brick house built in this area. At this time in history, most dwellings were made of logs. 



I loved it! The author did an excellent job of marrying my two favorite genres as science fiction in a Southern historical setting. Highly recommend!

C L Jackson

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